Financial Information

Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment to help achieve overall health and well-being in children and adults. Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining orthodontic care. At Orthodontics on Danforth, we offer payment options to help you achieve your desired results.

Transparent Pricing

Our financial manager will discuss the cost of your treatment and our payment options, so that you can make the best choice for yourself and for your family. We will work with you to create a payment plan that is suited for your individual needs.

Disclaimer: The overall cost of orthodontic treatment is determined by the following factors: the patient’s age, particular needs, complexity of the case, appliances needed, and expected treatment duration.

Treatment Options

Early Treatment

Early treatment, also referred to as Phase 1 treatment, offers the correction of orthodontic concerns in children under the age of 11.

A second phase of active orthodontic treatment is usually required following the completion of Phase 1 treatment. Please see our section on Two-Phase Treatment for more information.

Treatment cost for early treatment can range from $2,885 — $4,055.

Limited Treatment

Limited Treatment involves correcting and straightening minor irregularities of the teeth without bite correction. This would include single arch treatment or alignment of the teeth at the front of the mouth.

Treatment cost for limited treatment can range from $4,000 — $7,885.

Full Treatment

Full treatment offers comprehensive correction and straightening of the teeth, bite correction, and where applicable, orthopaedic growth guidance.

Treatment cost for full treatment can start as low as $5,055.

What is included in your treatment fee?

  • New Patient Consultation Fee (Child/Adult)
  • Initial diagnostic records (x-rays, digital scans, and photos)
  • Treatment planning by Dr. Trohatos
  • All regular scheduled treatment appointments
  • All emergency visits at our office
  • Placement (Delivery & Bonding of appliances)
  • Removal (De-bonding of appliances)
  • Initial set of removable retainers
  • Final diagnostic records (x-rays, digital scans, and photos)
  • Follow-up & Retention visits for 12 months

Note: Outstanding dental work, referred specialist work, or surgeons are not included in our costs.

Payment Options

Our practice offers a wide variety of payment options. We will work with you to find a plan that is best suited for you. We offer the following options:

Up-Front Full Payment

Payment can be made in full, up-front. Full payments are accepted by cash, cheque, or electronic funds transfer. We do not accept credit cards for full payment.

Affordable Payment Plans

With our affordable payment plans we offer 20-30% initial down payment. For your convenience, we offer automatic interest-free monthly payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or pre-authorized debit.

Lendcare Financing

Apply to Lendcare with an easy application process that requires no additional documents. Applications can be approved in seconds, without affecting your credit score. Lendcare offers terms of up to 60 months. There are no down-payments or pre-payment penalties. We submit the application on your behalf.

For more information, please click here.

Information on Insurances

Our office does not handle insurance claims. Patients are responsible for contacting their insurance providers and inquiring about their insurance coverage. It is the responsibility of patients to ensure that the appropriate insurance forms have been completed so that benefits are promptly received.

Our office will supply you with the necessary orthodontic forms to apply for reimbursement according to the terms of your insurance coverage.

For more information on the details that you should request from your insurance provider, please see our Let’s Prepare You section.

Additional Discounts

Full Payment Courtesy Discount

We offer a discount when payment is made in full, up-front. Full payments care accepted by cash, cheque, or electronic funds transfer. We do not accept credit cards.

Sibling & Parent Discount

We offer a discount when a member of your immediate family begins treatment with us. Inquire in our office for more information.

Convenient Online Services

With our online patient portal, you can log into your account and access your financial file! Our secure online service allows you to:

  • View your appointment and account information any time
  • Check your payment history and see current charges
  • Access your monthly receipts
  • Access your insurance and tax receipts
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