Our Technologies

iTero® Scanner

The days of uncomfortable, messy, goopy impressions are over! With iTero technology, our office takes impression-less 3D digital scans of your teeth. After taking your scans, we are able to use the simulator to show you a great before and after display of your teeth that also demonstrates the way the teeth are expected to shift during the course of the treatment.

Digital impressions are 59% quicker than conventional impressions. They are more efficient and can reduce the amount of office visits needed. Digital impressions taken by iTero scanners are quick, painless, and fun to use!


DentalMonitoring is powered by AI technology and is the industry’s largest dental image database. We use this technology to monitor our patients’ progress remotely. That’s right, that means less in-office appointments!

DentalMonitoring technology offers us a more sustainable and convenient experience that allows us to achieve better outcomes. Patients are able to stay connected with our practice, anywhere and anytime!

Using the scan boxes that we provide you with and an app downloaded to your smartphone, you will be able to take weekly digital photos of your teeth that will get sent right to us! We will have continuous insight into your treatment, progression, oral health, and we will be able to catch any potential issue in its tracks, as opposed to after the fact.

DentalMonitoring’s patented technology offers automation capabilities such as the automatic assessment that will inform you if your scan is incomplete, unclear, or difficult to assess and needs to be retaken. The automatic notifications allow you to set a weekly reminder to complete and submit your scan. The platform offers two-way communication, so we are able to send you feedback, instructions, and reminders after viewing your scans.

Our team is able to customize the platform preferences and patient protocols that will cater specifically to you and your treatment plan. We are able to pre-set oral observations that the scan will screen for and monitor. We can even annotate your scans and send them to you so you can also follow along and understand.

Virtual Care AI

Virtual Care AI uses AI-assisted technology developed by Align Technology Inc. as a remote monitoring solution offered through Invisalign®. Using the My Invisalign app, patients are able to take digital photos of their teeth and submit them via the Invisalign virtual care platform, which our team can then review.

Virtual Care AI’s algorithm integrates your updated weekly images with your pre-approved clinical settings that are determined by Dr. Trohatos when customizing your treatment plan. Using the platform, our team is able to track your treatment progress, monitor compliance, and send you automated notifications and feedback. Based on your treatment tracking, we are able to guide you with your next steps; whether that means moving on to the next aligner stage, informing you that your treatment is tracking well, or notifying you to contact our office, Virtual Care AI is a single-platform experience that enhances patient care.

Digital X-Rays

It’s not just about having a fine-tuned treatment plan; it is also about having the right tools to help get us there. Digital x-rays offer us improved diagnostic capabilities while being more sustainable and efficient. Digital x-rays use significantly less radiation in comparison to conventional film x-rays. Instead of having to develop film, our machine allows us to view your x-rays on the computer. You will be able to view them as well! We say yes to less radiation, zero chemical-waste, instantaneous turn-around time, and better patient care.

Essix Retainer Machine

Retainers prevent unwanted tooth movements and are essential in preventing a relapse. Our office understands and emphasizes the importance of retainers, that is why we have our own in-house retainer machine! We know that when you are at the tail-end of your treatment, you are excited to see your wonderful new smile, so we do not want to make you wait longer than you have to.

With our Essix machine we are able to use a special process called thermoforming to create removable dental appliances. From the moment we create an impression of your teeth post de-bond, it will take only a couple of hours to fabricate your appliance. If you come in the morning to get your impressions done, you can receive your brand-new retainer by end of day! Yep, it’s that fast.

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