LightForce™ Custom Braces

Can’t decide between metal braces and Invisalign? Why not opt for the best of both worlds!

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LightForce offers a combination of the two most popular orthodontic treatment options. Fusing the bracket system that metal braces offer, with the customized experience and aesthetic appeal of Invisalign, LightForce is the most modernized bracket system available in the industry.

LightForce brackets are created to fit your tooth’s unique surface using their patented 3D printing technology. LightForce brackets conform to your teeth, which help to reduce discomfort and improve straightening accuracy.   

LightForce’s proprietary treatment planning software combined with their advanced 3D printing technology enables Dr. Trohatos to create custom treatment plans to meet and address your unique orthodontic needs. Using LightForce’s AI-driven platform, Dr.Trohatos will curate your treatment plan by deciding what position to place the bracket to achieve the most optimal results based on your individual tooth anatomy and bite. Bracket placement is key. LightForce means less chair time, increased efficiency, and a highly customized experience. 

The LightForce System

LightPlan Treatment Software: Intuitive digital treatment planning software that enables Dr. Trohatos to create and adjust treatment plans.

LightTray Indirect Bonding: Ergonomically designed, indirect bonding trays are 3D printed for each patient, providing superior placement accuracy.

Cloud Brackets by LightForce: Powerful 3D printed ceramic brackets are configured to your specific treatment plan.

How does it work?

Once your treatment plan is submitted by Dr. Trohatos via the LightForce platform, your precision cut brackets will be manufactured specially for you. When your appliance is delivered, you will come in for your bonding appointment where our hygienist will place your brackets in their designated positions that have been strategically planned by Dr. Trohatos. After the bonding portion of your appointment, we will go through an oral hygiene routine with you, educate you on maintenance and management of your LightForce braces, and teach you how to use DentalMonitoring. You can rest assured knowing that once you get your appliance placed, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need for your journey with your new LightForce braces. We will be with you every step of the way, monitoring your progress and compliance remotely, as well as seeing you every 6 weeks for in-office check-ups.

As a bonus, you get one more perk that you can also get with metal braces. Everyone loves choosing their donut colours! Donuts are elastic bands that are placed around the bracket to hold the wire in place. LightForce offers cloud white, or light (clear) brackets that you can customize with all colours of the rainbow. If you are undecided on which colour to get next, our clinical team will be happy to help you decide which colour to choose!

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